Kisses, Timelapse, Gouache!

This is a video for people who are interested in seeing how I complete a painting from start to finish.

Here is my first ever painting Timelapse

I hope you enjoy this timelapse as much I loved painting these cute little groundhogs!

Scroll down to watch video

Having fine arts education and primarily painting with acrylics for the last 6 years using Gouache as a paint medium has been nothing but new and exciting for me as an artist. As I travel more, knowing that I can whip out my little sketchbook and have all my paints conveniently there is so re-assuring! (use to think I had to give up my passion for painting for travel) 

So happy :) 

This piece will be available in Print form soon 

What do you love most about this witnessing this process? :) 

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