About us

Do you love animals, Wild Life, and Planet Earth but not sure how or where to begin? 
At Divine & Wild we support front line organizations and animal rescues through outreach and financial support. Profits from selling Original Art, Art Prints, and products from this website are donated to conservations who are actively protecting Wild Life and endangered species. 

By purchasing our conscious creations you are helping raise awareness of the delicacy and beauty of Wild Life and an advocate for planet Earth itself. 

Enjoy having a statement piece of an Original Hand Painted Art work or an Art Print to add beauty to your living space while contributing to the cause. 

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach us at info@divineandwild.com

(If you see anything on this website that needs immediate attention or improvement - do let us know info@divineandwild.com)

Enjoy your shopping experience here and hope to connect with you soon! 
Stay inspired ❤